Frequently Asked Questions


What does novice versus varsity mean in high school rowing?

Rowers are eligible to race as novices within 1 year of their first race. Coaches may decide to select novice rowers who are eligible to race Junior Varsity (JV) and Varsity. 

Does your club race scholastic or club regattas? 

We participate in club regattas.

Are you associated with US Rowing? 

Yes, we are organizational members of US rowing.

What configuration of boats do you race? 

We have and race both four and eight boat configurations, plus a coxswain.

What time of day do you practice? 

We practice in the afternoon 5 days during the week and in the morning on Saturdays. 

How long do seasons last? 

The Fall season lasts from the beginning of September until mid November. Winter season is from late November until mid February. The Spring season is from mid February until mid May. 

Do I have to row every season? 

Crew can be a year round sport. Being active year round is encouraged, however, if you have another sport interest, it is an option to do crew for one season. 

Are there pre-requisites to be on the team? 

You must be high school age and pass a mandatory swim test. 

Where do you practice in the winter? 

Cabin John Village Shopping Center in Potomac, MD. We practice on the 2nd floor in a renovated facility equipped with ergometers (ergs). 

Is there travel associated with crew? 

Yes. We have five or so regattas per season. Some are local and some require overnight stay. Bus transportation and hotel arrangement packages are available for the team. Please check our Regatta page for details of local and away Regattas. 

Carpools available? 


What is the parent involvement for crew? 

DC NRC is a parent-led club. There are many ways to contribute and we appreciate your involvement, gifts, and talents. A few ways to help could include contributing food, hosting a regatta with other parents, carpooling, and/or fundraising. 

What schools are eligible for the team?

Our club is open to high school age rowers from private, public, or home-schools in the area. 

How much does it cost? 

For experienced rowers Fall and Spring seasons cost $1250 for each season. For beginners the program costs $900. During the first month of the fall season we have a fall trial program for new rowers to try the sport at a discounted rate. Winter and Summer programs are priced separately and are less than the racing seasons. 

What does a typical regatta day look like for rowers?

It is an all day event with an early start to help load equipment. It is a fun day of racing and hanging out at the trailer with teammates. Some regattas are out of town, however, bus transportation is provided. 

What does a typical regatta day look like for parents? 

It is an all day event filled with fun, food, and lively conversation with other families. We have a DC NRC regatta tent where we visit and cheer for the team as well as provide food for the team. It is a family-oriented event. 

Will my athlete race in every regatta?

Coaches look for athletes who are prepared to race. Not everyone will go to every race. Some races are for select crews only. 

Are there opportunities to row in college? 

Yes, there are a lot of opportunities to row in college. The sport of rowing has one of the best ratios of high school to college athletes.